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Tell us about your trip as a guest blogger!

All travels, near or far, are worth barking about.  If you would like to guest blog about your adventures or activities, just email us at [email protected] and tell us about yourself and your exploits and projects!  We have a few criteria, but the sincere guest blogger easily fits into our grand plan for the global dominion of empowered pets. 

New Contest:  Where's Raja???? 

On the other side of this rock, through the wind hole, you can see one of the world's most dynamic cities, but from the side we're on, it's all desert and scorpions and dehydration.  Guess where Raja is and win a useful little prize.

What's my line?

New Contest format here… we’re inviting readers to suggest a caption for this photo.  The winner who has the wittiest and most fun caption gets the useful little prize, and if we get enough entries we can even have a vote.  (Please post your caption suggestion on the main blog page as a comment.)


Where's Raja?  Look at the red rocks (hint hint hint) and guess to win.

The winner gets a useful little prize.  Nobody guessed the last one, so I'm making this one really easy because we really want to give out these prizes.  Where are we?  Red rocks, red rocks, red rocks... take a chance!

Where's Raja

Where am I?  This is almost so easy.  Name the specific route (from which city to which city) of this train and I’ll send you a small, useful prize.  You may have to do a little internet research to get it really right, but the prize is cute.  (And, yes, looking at the picture closely will help, Sherlock.  xxxooo) 


Where's Raja?

Can you guess?  If you can say the mountain and the country, go ahead and post your guess on the main blog page as a comment and the first to get it right gets the prize! (And yes, if you think you might win, leave us a real email address so we can get your snail mail and send your prize.)

Where's Raja?

Here's Raja's contest challenge:  Go to the blog entry for January 9 and see if you can guess what town (or body of water) and country Raja is in.  The first one to guess gets a useful little prize!  Post your guesses as comments for January 9......  Pasquale, who knows his famous Italian resorts, recognized Raja on the boat from Como to Bellagio and other destinations around Lake Como in Northern Italy.  He'll get the prize when he sends in an address!  Bravo Pasquale!   (Look for another contest soon on Raja's Travel Dog Blog.)

pet travel advice, airplane travel tips, travel with my dog, how do I travel with my pet, Raja, shitzu, dogs