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Boone and Kenzie are two Scotties that have enjoyed getting out and seeing the world.  They've been to Europe twice, Canada once and across the US, from Seattle to Miami, down to Los Angeles and up to Boston.  They enjoy taking photographs of where they've been and sharing those photos with the world. Raja takes over the blog this week by interviewing them in an exposé that is up front and personal.  Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, scooch over and pass Raja the mic. 

Raja:  I have never met doggies who have traveled as much as I have and I am fascinated to chat with Boone and Kenzie, 9 and 6 year old Scotties from Washington State. 

Boone, you’re two years older than Kenzie.  Before she came along, did you have any solitary adventures or did all the fun begin when you teamed up? 

Boone:  I never had the chance to travel outside of Washington until Kenzie came along.  There were short trips made to parts of Washington, but nothing that compares to what we've done since she came along. 

Raja:  Kenzie, I have read that Boone steals your toys.  Is he more cooperative when you are on the road?  Your travel videos make you look pretty simpatico.

Kenzie:  Boone and I really are a great team on the road.  There's a lot less time to focus on toys on our trips and so much to see that we're really just paying attention to the world around us.  We do well to point out sights, sounds and other animals to each other when we're on the road.  I especially loved seeing cows during our train trips through Europe and made sure Boone was well aware when they'd appear. 

Raja: Boone and Kenzie, let’s begin to discuss your travels from the concept up.  Many human beings leave dogs at home when they travel, shocking as it seems. (Kenzie, here’s a cold compress.)  What are your thoughts on the benefits of pet travel? 

Boone & Kenzie:  The benefits of traveling with pets are that you get to meet people along the way you'd never have met because, for a human, having a dog with you is the perfect icebreaker.  Having two however, and them being Black and White (a popular Scotch) draws even more attention and comments from all sorts of people. 

People would stop us that didn't speak any English and attempt work through a translation book just to say hi and comment on u s when, normally, they'd never bother. 

Raja:  I agree.  We are Diplomats of Global Social Exchange.  Boone, you weigh 20 lbs. and Kenzie, well, you are obviously a fashion model, but Scotties are not tiny dogs.  Are you comfortable on the plane and where do you ride- in cabin under the seat or in baggage transport. 

Boone & Kenzie: We're usually quite comfortable on planes and have only been in our bags under seats in the cabin.  We tend to get some attention and affection throughout the flight and even get to pop our heads out when the stewardess isn't looking.  We heard a story of a dog one time making it into the cockpit after getting out, so some people tend to be more strict than others regarding that. 

Raja: Kenzie, do you have any tips for us about how you pass the time whilst in the air? 

Kenzie: Sleep.  That's about all there is to do, but once in a while it's good to wake up and get some attention and affection. 

Raja: Me too- and I have been known to snore.  Moving on… Boone, France or Italy, which do you prefer?  I mean, France loves dogs and Italy, well you can’t get a bad meal if you sit up and beg?  Your thoughts… 

Boone: We spent a lot more time in Italy and really enjoyed it there.  We were allowed to frequent restaurants in both countries, which was very nice.  At Charlie Brown's in Milan Italy, we went a few times and they absolutely loved having us there.  We'd go back every night if it were possible. 

Raja:  Kenzie I noticed in your video that you like to window shop.  Do you ever get the chance to spend your own Euros and what is the best thing you have been able to purchase overseas?  

Kenzie:  We had the perfect chance while in the fashion capitol of the world, Milan.  We stopped by a store on the way to the city center and grabbed a couple of Italian leather collars with silver Scotties on them.  My collar is pink of course! 

Raja:  Kenzie and Boone, speaking practically- how was it entering the UK?  The quarantine is over but what kind of scrutiny, medical, physical and documental did you face- if any?   

Boone & Kenzie: For entering the UK we had to plan over 6 months in advance, pass all the blood work and paperwork through to the proper authorities and get it all signed and documented.  However we were delayed in entering the country a day because we needed to get another shot between 24 and 48 hours before entering the country, so we had an extra night stay in Calais France. 

After that, we were forced to stay down by the cars on the ferry ride over, but we at least were able to get visitors during the short trip.  Overall, it wasn't too bad of an experience, just a bit of a pain to prepare for. 

Raja: (Did you get actually to be at Stonehenge (so many upright things to pee on!!), or did you have to stay behind the cyclone fence?) 

Kenzie:  We weren't allowed to visit Stonehenge as close as humans do, the best we could do was see it from behind the fence next to the road. 

Raja:  Boone, we notice you and Kenzie like to swim.  Did anybody say anything when you decided to take a dip in the reflection pool outside the Louvre, and may we assume dogs are allowed on the beach in Isla de Cristina, Spain or did you just run pell mell into the sea “catch me if you can” style?  

Boone:  Nobody said a word as we dipped our toes into the Louvre, it was hot that day, so it would've been hard to expect otherwise from us.  As for Isla de Cristina, there were no signs saying otherwise, so we enjoyed our first free run at the beach while in Europe.  It was quite liberating. 

Raja:  Kenzie, how about your experiences in the American West…. Was Old Faithful as impressive as you expected, and did looking into the Grand Canyon make you as dizzy as it did me? 

Kenzie:  Old Faithful was pretty underwhelming.  Unseen in the photos and video was the cloud of gases from the geyser that passed by us as we stood there.  The rest of the crowd dispersed immediately, but we didn't have time to move. 

The Grand Canyon was an amazing sight, I bet it'd be even more amazing being down inside of it. 

Raja:  Boone, my impression of your adventures is that curiosity, charm, audacity and the element of surprise have gotten you through your fabulous photo ops.  Do you have any how-to advice for dogs who want to be seen in famous places? 

Boone:  My recommendations for taking photos are practice, treats and practice.  It took two people to take our photos, one to set us up properly and the other to take photos.  Holding the treats (really just our every day dog food) above the camera gave us a good idea of where to look too.  After that, it's up to your imagination how you want to be seen in all those places. 

Raja:  Boone and Kenzie, you two have been wonderful.  In wrapping up I hope you won’t mind if I refer to the unfortunate bobble meeting Barney, White House Dog of the past administration.  Surely that selfish gatekeeper who threw cold water on your plans is no longer there.  Are you game to try again- do you have any plans to try to shake the paw of Bo Obama?      

Boone & Kenzie:  While it'd be nice to meet Miss Beazley and Barney, even if they're not in the White House any more, I'm sure we'd jump at the chance to meeting any President for a photo op.  It'd be nice to add to our collection if nothing else, but it'd also be quite an honor. 

Raja:  Thanks Boone and Kenzie.  Clearly you take all your adventures in stride.  I can tell you’re unflappable no matter what comes your way!  I will be following your travels of the future. 

Readers if you want to learn more about Boone and Kenzie and see their fabulous videos and slide shows, check out their website at: 

6/9/2009 01:35:57 am

What a wonderful interview!

6/9/2009 11:03:26 am

WOW! I hope we can convince the pawrents to take us to Italy, someday ;)
You two ROCK!

Pat & Buttercup
6/9/2009 11:50:43 am

Kenzie & Boone .. you are two passionate travelers ... Is it difficult for mom to get you both on the same flight ? I have heard that on many flights only one pup is allowed per flight .... i have to live vicariously through these great travelers , Raja included ! sighs Buttercup .. my most traveled place is to day kamp ! ( three miles away ) ! Great Interview !

Raja Babu, Cassandra and Mom
6/9/2009 12:28:03 pm

What a great interview. Want to send these pups a PPR!

6/9/2009 01:27:34 pm

The flights that we took allowed us both on and one even had some cats sitting directly behind us (constantly meowing). We never ran into an issue where we weren't both allowed.

Thanks for the interview and for the pawsitive responses!

Boone & Kenzie

Enzo and my mom Connie
6/9/2009 11:25:37 pm

I am begging my mom right now to take me on a trip.
I have yet to visit europe but hear they like our kind.
I wish you two lived closer so we could have a play date. You two seem to have alot of fun together.
I am lucky to live near Raja and we are having a play date today. I am sure we will be yapping about you two. Happy Travels!

Sheryl (Veronica & Piccadilly)
6/9/2009 11:43:14 pm

I love the clog picture of the cute Scotties and their traveling tales - 'where there tails have gone'! The train travel sounds divine!

Thanks and Travel Safe

6/16/2009 12:37:33 am

Well done Raja! What perfect guests for your first interview.

Enjoy your travels and keep writing!

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