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Do these two have anything in common?  No.  It’s just two topics. 

First, Raja has just returned from Rome and Calabria.  He had an amazing time and we’ll be barking about his dog travel in Rome to the Vatican (really) and his travels in Calabria in the south of Italy in upcoming weeks.  Last post we said he's trying canine probiotics to keep his tummy on track.  Was it the canine probiotics or was it the pasta?  Not sure, but Raja felt great and we’ll continue the probiotics as part of his travel fitness regimen.
Second, Easter in New York!   Please see our video below!
If an army marches on its stomach… (and who said that anyway: Napoleon or Frederick the Great?)... well, maybe an army marches on its stomach, but travel dogs march on their intestines.  As long as they’re comfortable, they can trot for miles eating foreign foods and drinking foreign (bottled) water. 

Probiotics for people are the new health kick, but evidence suggests that canine probiotics will help dogs go the distance too.  Probiotics naturally live in the large intestine to destroy bad bacteria creating a healthy climate for digestion.  Giving more probiotics is like increasing and strengthening the troops. 

Canine probiotics are a different population from human probiotics, so you can’t just give your dog yogurt.  And, honestly, many of the over the counter probiotic capsule products deliver varying strengths and viability.   

If you feel your dog is challenged by antibiotics, an irregular diet, either good or bad stress, allergies or generally bad health, you may want to ask your vet to prescribe a daily dose of probiotics. 

(Dogs that should not take probiotics include those who have immune system illnesses, a bad case of gastroenteritis, or who will have intestinal surgery.) 

Critics of probiotic treatment say that ingested probiotics are destroyed in the stomach and small intestine and never make it to the large intestine.  That is why your dosage needs to be vet prescribed so that the content is dog specific, the CFU content of each capsule is in very high numbers and the caps are safely within their expiration dates. 

Raja’s off on of his walkabouts this week and he’s trying some canine specific, vet-prescribed probiotics to see how he feels and how it goes.  When on the road, he has to adapt to various cuisines and meal times.  We’ll report back.  And, if anybody can tell me who said that quote in the first paragraph, I’d appreciate it a lot. 

Not telling you exactly where Raja’s going, but here’s a hint… Ciao, baby… be barking with you in 2 weeks.

Raja loved dancing at a recent wedding.
Spring is the largest season for weddings- family events where we hope to share an extraordinary day with the people who have shared all the other ordinary days of our lives. 

How about the dogs?  Should our furry alter egos attend family weddings. Some people might say “no”, BUT Raja and I say “Yes, dogs belong in weddings.”  They’re members of the family.  Getting them ready is easy!  A silk scarf or a floral necklet is all it takes to make an everyday dog look stunning.  (Compare that to what it takes to costume and style the humans!) 

Dogs and wedding etiquette: Do dogs behave well at weddings?  That depends on how they behave normally.  Raucous and rambunctious dogs will follow their own patterns- patterns doubtlessly enforced by family norms and expectations… meaning, you will get exactly what you have allowed yourself to have.  Discreet dogs will be discreet.  People dogs will socialize.  Cuddlers will cuddle.  Biters will bite. (Uh, perhaps this last category can stay home.  Your call.  Make your own decision… you know what you want.) 

If you are bringing your dog to a wedding, do negotiate permission from the venue.  Feed your dog first and give him a generous walk.  Provide water.  Designate a dog walker and minder so nobody wanders.  Forgive paw prints. 

Benefits of dogs at weddings include:  
  • Breaking the ice
  • Occupying the children
  • Attracting singles
  • Keeping it real 

    Raja’s going to be best dog at a wedding next month.  It’s his second wedding.  He invites readers to share their opinions and requests advice for him on the big day.

    RAJA BLOGS ABOUT PARIS FOR FIDO FRIENDLY As a world reknowned traveler Raja was invited to blog for his friends at fido a website that helps pet owners find accommodations. Click here to visit Fido Friendly

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